Yellow Bellies – Biggles

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Great to see that Biggles aka Bob Galgey has updated his number 1 CV in commenting on one of our Posts:

“coached junior rugby played j7s and presidents for the club and was an original member of the golden oldies and still playing”.

This should keep him in a job for a few more years.

In the course of my genealogical research I think I have found one of Biggle’s Great Uncles. Here he is pictured in “Gren’s Rugby Addicts’ Calendar – 1977” which stars the International Reject Fifteen. 

Club History: Formed in 1973 after eight pints, two whiskies. PLAYERS WHO HAVE REPRESENTED THEIR COUNTRY: Kojak Llewellyn (table skittles v Andorra, 1974)
Club badge – Chicken on yellow background. OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENTS: v. Melrose 1974 – came second; v. Bristol 1975 – came second; v. Sale 1975 – narrowly lost 104-9 in last minute of injury time. 1976 – won tight head against the scrumaging machine.

W.C. (Biggles) SHORTHOUSE, L/Corp. (Retd.) Club captain. Plays at scapegoat. A product of the schoolboy rugby system, but even so still likes the game. In addition to being captain, Biggles also owns the ball, the ground and the clubhouse.
He is a tireless worker behind the scenes and in addition to organising the club fund-raising activities is also the treasurer’s accomplice. By profession he is a gentleman farmer specialising in free-range sausages.

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