Women’s Rugby in Upper Hutt

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This photo was posted recently by Rosalie Reeves- Smith to the “You know you grew up in Upper Hutt, New Zealand when you remember ………..” Facebook page with a number of requests for a better copy. I am waiting on this to happen but in the meantime this provides us with an opportunity to gather a little bit of the history of Women’s Rugby in Upper Hutt and to find people interested in joining the celebration of 110 years of Rugby in Upper Hutt.

Teresa Howland Homan commented: “I always remember Jimmy Walsh saying you have to make at least a few feet before passing the ball along the back line.I shout that at the hurricans We were first upper hutt women’s team.” That establishes who the Coach was for this particular team.

We have also got the First Aider – Neil Rowe and several suggestions as to who the other players were. Evidently one game played was a charity match at Taita and it would appear that this was reported in a newspaper, possibly the Leader, but unfortunately we do not have online copies of that publication beyond 1965. Good copies of both the photograph and newspaper clipping would be greatly appreciated – please email me at bvine697@gmail.com

However I do remember a visit from a team of “ladies” from San Diego sometime in the 1980s. This led to a riotous weekend with a welcome function in the Clubrooms on the Friday following which we retired to the Tote. The session at the Tote blew the locals away with its likening to an aftermatch on an away trip with Rugby songs that would have made, excuse me, the Censor sh.. him/herself and beer consumption at a level never before seen. I cannot recall which team won the Saturday match but I do recall the repeat performances from Friday night at Astral Towers where we held the Aftermatch.

Looking at what we have and talking to some of the old timers it now appears that our women played a charity match at Taita and in later seasons participated in regular competition matches.

Any further information would be greatly appreciated as it is a must that Women’s Rugby is recorded in the publication being composed to celebrate Rugby in Upper Hutt 1906 – 2020.

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